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NGC 6240


NGC 6240 is the remnant of the collision of two galaxies which created a new one. Because of that, NGC 6240 has two different cores. URLIGs (Ultraluminous infrared galaxies) energy sources speculate the possibility of the existance of two supermassive black holes in the galaxy.

JS9-NGC 6240 

Theese are my calculations:


According to S. Komossa, V. Burwitz and others, in NGC 6240 there is presence of Fe and K alpha. On the other hand, L.J. Tacconi, R. Genzei and others establish the existance of H. In my results, basing on the Table 1-1 (MATERIALS AND METHODS), I also got H and a metal, Co, but not Fe. I also found out S and P, but no remnant of K.