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Galaxy Cluster


Ophiuchus Galaxy Cluster has been discovered on February 27th of this year. It hasn't been catalogued yet, but we already have some information about this galaxy cluster which comes from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

This galaxy cluster created an extremely powerful eruption in Ophiuchus, and its about 390 milion light years from Earth. This kind of objects are the largest sctructures in the Universe and are held together by gravity. They use to contain thousands of individual galaxies, dark matter and hot gas. This hot gas gives off much of its light as X-rays. Chandra's X-ray data are pink.

In the centrer of this galaxy cluster there's a huge galaxy containing a supermassive black hole. A cross in the labeled version gives the location of the central galaxy. The publicly-avaliable infrared data are not sensitive enough ti reveal the galaxy, though.

The pictures below DO NOT mach with this galaxy cluster. However, as we cannot see its spectra, here is the one of a similar galaxy cluster called MS 0735.6.


Theese are my calculations:


According to Myriam Gitti, the kind of objects as MS 0735.6 or even this Galaxy Cluster have a Sun-like chemical composition, so there would be mainly hydrogen and helium. In my results, basing on the Table 1-1, I detected neon, silicon and cobalt.