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In this proyect...

I have learnt...

  1. How to use Neocities.
  2. How to work with Exelearning.
  3. How to create an image map.
  4. To search for primary sources.
  5. To cite an article/website.
  6. To navegate in scientific sites.
  7. To see the X-ray graphic of a deep sky object.
  8. To figure out the chemical elements of my deep sky objects.
  9. To work with Google Scholar.
  10. To see the differences between R and Excel.
  11. To create my own formulas in Excel.
  12. What is an exoplanet.
  13. The useful method of Cepheids to measure distances.
  14. To use the relation between M, m and distance.
  15. The old methods that scientifics used to learn about the origin of life.

I have discovered that...

  1. There are two types of SN (Ia and IIa9).
  2. There are two types of Cepheids (Type I and Type II).
  3. There is not just one formula for everything.
  4. I can make graphycs to create my own formulas.
  5. Exoplanets are planets too, but they orbit around a star.
  6. It is possible to know the radius of a planet with its light curve.
  7. It is possible to know the mass of a planet with its light curve.
  8. Cepheids are variable stars that are used to measure distances.
  9. Spectroscopy and Chromahography paper are used to identify the chemical elements of an object or a  substance.
  10. Most deep sky objects are chemically composed by similar elements (H, Si...).
  11. Maybe the Table 1-1 (in MATERIALS AND METHODS) is not too much reliable or is too old, because in general, my results are not much similar with scientific articles.